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No one likes to find an infestation of ants in their home, their yard, or any other building they might have. If it is just a few ants the homeowner should have no problem getting rid of them using commercial and home remedies to get rid of the ants. If it is an infestation it is best to call an ant exterminator to professionally get rid of them. Ants can be found in many different Bed Bug Exterminator New Franken WI places because they are attracted to any food that has been left behind. In addition to treating the problem they will also focus on preventing them from becoming an infestation.

When the ant exterminator comes to your home the first thing they will do is to determine what type of any is causing the infestation as there are more than twelve thousand species of ants in the world. In the United States there are more than New Franken WI four hundred fifty species. Fortunately, there are only a few species that will cause problems. Most exterminators quickly become experts at recognizing which species it is that is causing the problem and getting rid of the problem. It is important to know which species it is so the exterminator can determine how to combat the problem. Which treatment is used could be different according to which species it is.

The ant exterminator will take time to Exterminator Near Me New Franken WI understand the situation and also talk to the client about their personal concerns. If there are pets or young children in the household that could affect how the problem is taken care of. Even a small amount of poison could be harmful to them so it is important that a consultation be done before any treatment options are suggested. If the ant species is harmful to wood the exterminator may look at crawl spaces and New Franken WI other areas of the home to see if there are any infestations of this particular species. This is not only done to see how much infestation there is and how much damage has been done already. Not all ant exterminators will do this so you should ask if this is included in the price.

Once the identification and consultation is finished the next step is figure out the safest way to exterminate the ants. The can New Franken WI use common insecticides or ingested poisons. In most cases using ingested poisons are the option that is preferred because this method does not kill other insects. If the ant exterminator discovers a colony they can offer immediate relief by spraying the colony with insecticide. Not all ants will be killed as some are out foraging so follow up treatments will be needed.

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