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Preventing pests is one of the best ways of dealing with pest problems. Regardless of the pest you may be dealing with there are many common guidelines you should follow to prevent pests in your yard.

Clean up your yard. Most pests are in your yard because there is a reason to be there. This is always going to be access to food, access to shelter, and access Rat Control Coldwater OH to water.

Clean up piles of sticks, leaves, and mow the lawn nice and short. Get rid of rocks that pests might crawl under. Cut bushes short so there are less places to hide. Don’t stack wood against the house.

Seal up the garbage cans completely and leave them outside. Be sure to have lids as well that are sealed and weighed down if pests are getting into your Coldwater OH trash.

Don’t leave out pet food. Seal it up in a container to prevent rodent and other problems. Don’t let your bird feeder seed get all over the ground as it attracts animals. Clean up any nuts, fruits, or berries that might have fallen the ground. Cover or get rid of any standing water in your yard.

Attract pest predators to your yard. To get rid of pests naturally, Ant Control Coldwater OH you need to attract the predators of the pests. If you attract birds to your yard, they will take care of many different types of insect pests. If your garden has beneficial insects, they will take care of other pests. Try to find your pests natural predator and get that to your yard.

Repellents do work if you have the right repellent for the right pest. Many repellents Coldwater OH that work naturally as spicy ones or a predator’s smell. Look up the repellent that you need for the pest and use it around your yard.

Following these tips can help prevent many pest problems that you might face.

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